Social Media Management and Social Media Advertising

CBM Marketing Solutions specializes in lead generation and conversion optimization through a variety of social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and more.  Our goal is to elevate your current marketing success to a level that you never thought was possible with the latest demographic targeting and digital marketing tools.

There are areas of opportunity in every business, especially when it comes to marketing and sales. CBM Marketing Solutions analyzes your business goals, social media profiles, current marketing channels, and strategies.  Next, we do market research and then strategize on how to increase leads, customer engagement, and sales.  We manage your profiles remotely at a fraction of the cost that it takes to hire, insure, and train someone to carry out your marketing campaigns in-house.

When done correctly, your social media profiles and digital marketing efforts should attract new customers, and keep your existing customers engaged with your business.  Our digital process is data-driven, which means that after analyzing your social profiles and current analytics, we make educated decisions based on hard numbers that will increase the performance of metrics across the board.

At CBM Marketing Solutions, we’re passionate about social media management, micro-targeting customers, and generating leads for our clients.  Now more than ever, the audience that is most likely to engage and purchase your product is identifiable by their previous shopping behavior, location, interests, and demographics.    Using A/B testing and campaign optimization techniques, we continue to enhance your campaigns to perform better and increase your ROI.

Reach out to us!  We would love to hear about your goals and challenges achieving them!